War Thunder League Grand Final Streams

Join us today on the first stream in the play-off stage of the War Thunder League Season 2 Grand Final.


War Thunder League: “Tornado” Tournament and Second Season Grand Final

We invite you to take part in the first stage of the automated tournament that will take place at the opening of the Grand Final of the War Thunder League!


War Thunder League Finals Events and Activities

Today we open registration for the Final tournaments of the Second Season of the War Thunder League. To mark the occasion, we would like to announce some pleasant news for all players.


[Development] Night Vision Devices and Thermal Sights

In War Thunder update 1.91 we’re going to add night vision devices and thermal sights for ground vehicles and helicopters. Read more about this technology for the game in our devblog.


Second Season of the War Thunder League

The main eSports event of War Thunder continues and we announce the start of the second season of the War Thunder League, which will get even better with your participation!